adhesive label tape


Organized, careful labeling is a wonderfully satisfying practice. Whether for home or business needs, well-curated labels can really make life more efficient. Today the organization-obsessed are fortunate enough to have a bevy of options, including colored circle labels, custom adhesive labels, and the mighty adhesive label tape. But it's not enough to just have access to these DIY labeling wonders. Are you using them right, or driving anyone using your labels nuts?

Color is Queen

When you're using colorful or transparent label options, are you considering what color you're using on the label? For example, if you use a dark blue ink to mark a piece of clear adhesive label tape and put that label on deep purple packaging, you're going to have visibility issues. What use is a label if you're straining to see it? Whether printing or using a permanent marker, carefully consider what colors will be most visible on your labels. Consider the possibility of a person's colorblindness interfering, too, a disability you may not think about all the time if you don't personally have it. Color vision deficiency affects around 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women worldwide. So a label with, say, brown writing on a green field is an absolute nightmare for many colorblind people. Look up what combos are most visible for colorblind people (they're good for non-colorblind people, too!) and try to stick to those when possible.

Durability Always

Painstakingly making labels only to have them get water-damaged or lose all their writing a few months later? Prioritize durability or your work is practically useless. Permanent marker and printed inks are best; magic marker isn't necessarily your friend with most labels. You can also invest in clear glossy label protectors on rolls, which dispense nicely and keep your labels from most kinds of damage they'd commonly face.

Visibility, Please

A silly, yet common, label sin. Are you putting your labels where nobody can easily find them on a product or object? Shame! Labels need visibility, right? Think of where your eyes would naturally drift on an object for a price tag, for instance. If that price tag label was stuck in a corner on a side of the object, it'd throw off your expectations, right? When labeling anything, be it a set of drawers or stock in a warehouse, labels should be easily visible.

You're on your way to being a top-notch labeler.