adhesive label tape

adhesive label tape


The art of keeping things organized with careful labeling is a wonderfully satisfying practice. Whether you're at home or your place of business, well curated labels can really make life more efficient. Today the organization-obsessed are fortunate enough to have a bevy of self-adhesive labeling options, including round solid colored labels, custom labels, and the mighty and versatile labeling tape. To make the most of these DIY labeling wonders, here are few helpful points to consider: 

Color is Queen

When using colorful solid or transparent labeling options, are you considering what color you're using on the label? For example, if you use a black felt tip marker to write on dark blue labeling tape and apply it to a deep purple container, you're going to have visibility issues. What use is a label if you're straining to see it? Whether printing or using a permanent marker, carefully consider what colors will be most visible on your labels and how the color of the label will look when applied. Color blindness may also be a consideration when selecting a palate with good contrast. Color vision deficiency affects around 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women worldwide. In these special instances problematic colors such as red and green may be substituted with magenta and aqua. Consider what combos are most visible for you and other users and how different colors of inks will affect these combo's.
1"x3" Colored Rectangle Labels

Durability Always

Painstakingly making labels only to have them get water-damaged or lose all their writing a few months later? Prioritize durability to ensure your work will last. Permanent marker and printed inks work best; while magic marker and ball point pens may not be as effective on most labels. You can also invest in clear glossy label protectors on rolls to keep your labels from most kinds of damage commonly faced.
Clear label protectors

Visibility, Please

A silly, yet common, label sin: are you putting your labels where nobody can easily find them on a product or object? Labels need to be visible and in an expected place. When labeling anything, be it a set of drawers or stock in a warehouse, labels should be easily visible in a location that will maximize labeling potential.
Labeling boxes of inventory in warehouse

You're on your way to being a top-notch labeler.
Color-code organization

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