Workspace Organization Tips To Set You Up for Success

FEBRUARY 21, 2023


Is there anything more frustrating than looking for your favorite pen or highlighter only to find it has vanished from the face of this Earth? Finding something you need—like a necessary document or stationary tool—could become impossible if you work on a messy desk.

That’s why many of the most successful businesspeople say that organization is crucial to continued success. If your desk resembles more chaos than control, you might want to utilize these workspace organization tips to set yourself up for success.

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Tidy Up As You Go

Now and then, you have likely found yourself disregarding the tidying-up process at the end of the day due to pure exhaustion. While it’s okay to occasionally skimp out on tidying up, if doing so becomes a habit, it can spell trouble for your organization.

Tidying up your desk as you go will help ensure everything remains in its assigned place. Once you are done using a document, don’t just set it somewhere on your desk; put it back where it belongs. It may take some extra energy and time to develop this habit, but it’s these constant little tasks that ensure continued success.


You likely have a plethora of appliances and documents that have varying purposes. Without a good system, finding the exact appliance or document that pertains to the work you are currently doing can add considerable time to your workday.

That’s why it helps to color code everything with colored round stickers. First, assign a topic or appliance to a certain color. Then, depending on the number of supplies you have pertaining to that topic color, you should assign a file or drawer to it.

Consolidate Your Drawers

If you opened your desk drawers right now, what would you see? If the answer is a jumbled assortment of pens, markers, and random stationery, then it might be time for you to consolidate your drawers.

Throw out any dry markers or pens and toss those sticky notes you wrote something random on weeks ago. Your drawers should only contain the things you actually use and that are beneficial to your work.

At ChromaLabel, we have just about everything you can think of that will help you organize your workspace and set you up for success.

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The Best Labels for Organization: