• 1" x 3" Proposition 65 Full Warning Rectangle Labels

1" x 3" Proposition 65 Full Warning Rectangle Labels


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - Choose between rolls of 250 and 500 rectangles finished on a 3" core
  •     - Each label measures 1" x 3"
  •     - Backed with a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive
  •     - Cleanly shrink-wrapped and ready to use
  •     - Use to flag compliance risks in your supply chain and find hazardous substances in your products             


Our customers are constantly finding endless applications for these wondrous rectangular stickers!

Popular uses can be found in manufacturing, auto parts stores, inventory control, canning, education, garage sales, ticket management at events, etc. And they don't necessarily need to be used for color-coding or labeling. These beautiful rectangles are also great for decorating, artwork, crafts, name tags, and much much more!

If you have a neat way you've used these, please let us know and we'll add it to the growing list. We never tire of learning new ways to apply these glorious labels.

Are they shiny paper?

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Finally, the Metallic colors are forged from a foil material and possess a slightly glossy finish. It is possible to write on these colors with a felt-tipped marker and most pens.

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