SKU: CAL04604

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FLO Green 2 by 3 Rectangular stickers on a roll
Fluorescent GreenFluorescent PinkFluorescent YellowLight BlueWhite
Fluorescent 2 by 3 Rectangular stickers on a roll
FLO Green 2 by 3 Rectangular stickers on a roll
FLO Pink 2 by 3 Rectangular stickers on a roll
FLO Yellow 2 by 3 Rectangular stickers on a roll
Light Blue 2 by 3 Rectangular stickers on a roll
White 2 by 3 Rectangular stickers on a roll
A Person's hand writing a name on a sticker with a felt tip marker
2 by 3 Color Coding Rectangular Labels on White Boxes
Sale Off
FLO Green 2 by 3 Rectangular stickers on a roll

2" x 3" Color-Code Rectangle Labels: 250/Roll


SKU: CAL04604

Fluorescent GreenFluorescent PinkFluorescent YellowLight BlueWhite


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Product Description:

ChromaLabel is proud to offer colored 2" x 3" rectangular sticker labels on shrinkwrapped rolls to make organization simple. These colored adhesive rectangles are easy to write on with a felt-tipped marker, are backed with pressure-sensitive permanent adhesive, and have a beautiful matte finish. Our color-coding rectangular 2" x 3" stickers come in a variety of colors. From retail stores to public libraries to medical laboratories, these color-coding sticker rolls have many different uses, making them beneficial in a host of different industries. They’re sure to help you become more organized in a colorful, fun way—fall in love with our color-coding roll labels today!


Popular uses can be found in manufacturing, auto parts stores, inventory control, canning, education, garage sales, ticket management at events, etc. And they don't necessarily need to be used for color-coding or labeling. These beautiful rectangles are also great for decorating, artwork, crafts, name tags, and much, much more!

What's it made of?

All of our Standard labels are manufactured from a high-quality paper material with a semi-gloss finish. They are great for marking with felt-tipped markers and most pens.

The Fluorescent colors are also produced from high-quality paper, but have a matte finish which provides the best writability compared to the other material types. The neon colors ensure that the ink from your pen or marker truly pops.

These labels are made with eco-friendly water-based ink, so we do not recommend using them in wet environments.

Need weather-proof or water resistant labels? Call in and our customer service representatives will guide you to get the perfect label for your application.

What You Need to Know:

2" x 3"


5 colors available!


250 labels on a shrinkwrapped roll
Fluorescent Paper with Matte Finish

Colors Lie.

Each computer monitor renders colors a little bit differently. 

How do you know that what you're seeing on your screen is completely accurate? 

We highly suggest that you ask us for a free color swatch card! 

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Industrial & Manufacturing
Manufacturing companies and distribution centers use these eye-catching inventory label stickers for instant, color-coded organization and logistics control that overcomes all language barriers!
Medical & Laboratory
our labels make HIPAA systems a snap, and could even save lives when urgent medical care decisions need to be made! Color-coding dot stickers are essential in every medical office for quick communication and identification.
Any Office, Law Firm, Church & More
These perfect to keep track of orders, and quality control! Use workplace stickers to mark your cabinet drawers, file folders, purchase orders, inventory reports, accounting documents, presentation cases, and records storage—to name just a few. 
School & 
School teachers can use the color-coordinated stickers and tape to organize school supplies, folders, and more. Libraries have also used our dot stickers or instant communication of genres, leveling, and routing, as well as labeling carts and bins.

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