• 2" x 3" Fluorescent Inventory Control Labels
  • 2" x 3" Neon Orange Inventory Labels
  • 2" x 3" Neon Green Inventory Labels

2" x 3" Inventory Control Labels: 500/Roll


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - 500 labels per roll on a 3" core
  •     - Each rectangular label measures 2" x 3"
  •     - Black imprint on a bright, fluorescent label
  •     - Backed with removable adhesive
  •     - Space beneath the imprint for adding custom messages, such as sale prices

About Inventory Control Labels:

Keep track of the condition of your inventory with these 2” x 3” Fluorescent Labels. Warehouses and storerooms will benefit greatly by the use of these imprinted color-coding labels. The black imprint stands out against the true fluorescent color of the rectangle sticker labels. The adhesive backing is removable and will have maximum adhesion when applied to a clean, dry surface with even pressure, though the label may be removed without leaving residue on the item.

Identifying shelves, pallets, or individual boxes at a glance, these Fluorescent Orange “Used” and Fluorescent Green “New” labels stand out clearly. Additionally, the high-quality matte finish label stock can be written on with a felt tip marker for initialing, dating, or identifying contents.

Label Material

These 2 x 3 inch Fluorescent Condition Labels are printed on high-quality matte-finish label stock.  The fluorescent colors truly fluoresce when exposed to UV light and appear brilliant and bright under normal light.  The self-adhesive labels are removable, staying in firmly in place, but removing cleanly from most surfaces.  The labels are finished on a sturdy 3 inch core and cleanly shrink-wrapped.