• HMIG NFPA Diamond Label
  • Roll of 250 HMIG Stickers
  • HMIG Label in Use

HMIG Safety Labels: Reagent Write-In, 1.5 x 2.5"


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - Imprint: safety diamond & lines for writing Reagent, Prep/Exp Dates, Storage, Room, Refrig & Initials
  •     - Each Safety label measures 1.5" x 2.5"
  •     - Removable adhesive does not leave any residue
  •     - Made from a matte paper label material with great writability

About These Labels:

These pressure-sensitive labels stick well to most surfaces and can be removed from nonporous surfaces. There's plenty of room to write in the appropriate numbers in the four colored NFPA diamond on the left.

Use the lines to the right of the fire diamond to write in the reagent, preparation date, expiration date, storage and personal initials. Use the check boxes to specify room and/ or refrigeration.

Label Material

These labels are produced from a high quality, matte finish paper material. They have a removable adhesive which means that they remove easily and cleanly from most surfaces. The matte finish ensures great writability with most pens and markers and guarantees that the ink will not bleed through to the surface below.