• 0.25" Kraft Paper Labels
  • 0.25" Kraft Dots in Dispenser Box
  • 0.25" Kraft Dots Pricing Tags
  • Applying 0.25" Kraft Dot Sticker
  • 0.25" Kraft Dots on Bottles
  • 0.25" Kraft Dots Measurement
  • True Kraft Paper Dots: 1,000/Box
  • True Kraft Paper Dots: 1,000/Box
  • True Kraft Paper Dots: 1,000/Box

True Kraft Paper Dots: 1,000/Box


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Quick Product Facts

    •     - 1,000 dots in each easy-to-use dispenser box
    •     - Made from Brown Kraft paper material
    •     - Permanent adhesive adheres well to many surfaces
    •     - Fantastic for arts, crafts, or a unique addition to your color coding system       


Creative Uses for Kraft:

Our creative customers are constantly informing us of their countless applications for these Kraft paper labels. Here is but a small sampling of the endless possibilities.....

They are fantastic for many homemade projects in which a rustic look and feel is required. For instance, wrap a gift in Kraft paper or a brown grocery bag and seal the edges with Kraft dots or rectangles instead of standard, boring clear tape.

Because of their permanent adhesive, these labels can be used in a plethora of sealing applications. Next time you write a letter, try sealing the envelope with a Kraft dot (we suggest 2" or larger). This not only looks awesome, but it also serves the more practical purpose of ensuring that the envelope remains sealed enroute to its glorious destination.

Do you need a more organic, natural feel for your products? Look no further! Kraft labels have you covered. Try stamping your company or product logo on a label and attaching it to your product and packaging.

Are you all about the aromatic? Try adding scents to them (no really - check out this video).



What Material are They?

These Chroma Kraft labels are made from a similar material to the paper grocery bags you'd find in a store. If you look closely you can see the individual fibers that make up the paper. This gives a slight texture to the matte surface, which is great for writing on with a sharpie. The permanent adhesive ensures that these labels will adhere well to most surfaces.

Each roll contains 1,000 dots in a handy dispenser box, which is easy to open so that you can remove the roll if you wish.

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