• 3" x 5" Fluorescent Shipping & Handling Labels "Inspect For Damage"

3" x 5" Fluorescent Shipping & Handling Labels "Inspect For Damage"


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - Each rectangular label measures 3" x 5"
  •     - Comes on rolls of 100, 250, and 500 labels, cleanly shrink-wrapped
  •     - Black imprint stands out on the bright fluorescent label
  •     - Made from a high-quality matte finish paper material
  •     - Backed with permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive

About Quality Control, Shipping & Handling Labels:

The various imprints of our quality control, shipping, and handling labels allow for a wide variety of applications. The eye-catching fluorescent color is nearly impossible to miss and provides a stark contrast with the black imprint. These matte finish, writable labels will stick well to most porous surfaces due to their permanent adhesive. These qualities make them perfect for your quality control needs.

Each roll of labels comes on a roll that is cleanly shrink-wrapped and easy to use.

Label Material

These labels are produced from high-quality, matte paper that provides perfect writability for a wide range of writing instruments. The permanent adhesive ensures that they are sure to stay after they're firmly applied to a clean surface.