Creative & Fun Uses for Kraft Paper Stickers

What Do You Do With Kraft Dots?

It's a question many thoughtful men and women have pondered over for many hundredths of a century. But never fear, our crafty Chromalabel community has concocted countless creative applications over the years, and we're here to freely impart this priceless knowledge upon you.

Thanks to the creativity of our fearless leader, Dudley, we have one such favorite idea to share with you.

Essential Oils & Kraft. Seriously?

Many people use circle labels to mark the lids of their essential oils. What if you infused a dot with olfactory delighting oil to give the receiver a whiff of joy? you can. Here’s what you need to do: Using an eyedropper, deposit one drop in the center of a Kraft Dot or rectangle (for some of the larger labels, you may need to apply several drops). Gently spread the oil around to cover the entire dot. After a few minutes, the paper fibers of the dot will naturally absorb the liquid and all its glorious odors. Let the sticker sit for a while to allow the oil to dry. Once dry the label will retain the fragrance of the oil for as long as several weeks.

You can stick the dots to cards with your company info and hand these out to your potential customers. Or pleasantly surprise a friend by adhering one of your new, aromatic labels to the inside of their birthday card. Go ahead, try it.

Natural, Homemade Products

Though a more common use for these brown paper labels is adding a new texture to your color code system, Kraft labels are fantastic for many homemade projects where you need a natural, rustic look and feel.

For instance, wrap a gift in Kraft paper or a brown grocery bag and seal the edges with Kraft dots or rectangles instead of standard, boring clear tape.

Enhance the rustic touch by wrapping a length of brown twine around the pre-wrapped package just as you would a ribbon. Then you can go real-loco-crazy-like and make a name tag label for the gift using Kraft products. Woot! Your gifts will be the talk of the family for many birthdays to come.

Seal Your Letters

Because of their permanent adhesive, these labels can be used in a plethora of practical sealing applications. Next time you write a letter, try sealing the envelope with a Kraft dot (we suggest 2" or larger). This not only looks good but also serves the more practical purpose of ensuring that the envelope remains sealed enroute to its glorious destination.

Stamp Your Design on Them

Should you feel the Spirit move you to be extra-adventurous, write or even stamp the return address or a happy message on the label. In the same vein, if your Etsy store requires a natural ambiance, try stamping your company or product logo on a label and attaching it to your product and packaging.

Use them in your shipping department

They are even helpful when you are shipping orders placed on your online store — use them to cover unwanted markings or labels on corrugated boxes. Since they are made of brown Kraft paper, they match the color and texture of the box fairly well. This looks much more professional than leaving half of a label behind after ripping it off of a box. This allows you to rehabilitate old boxes so that you can reuse them for your own shipments.

These stickers have so many uses, it’s crazy! Tell us your ideas or call us to let us know what you need stickers for, and we can help you choose the right product.


Update from April 2021

There are tons of weird and fun uses for our stickers! If you have a unique project, take a look at our products. You may just find something that will work for you. If you've found a interesting use for our stickers, let us know! 


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