How to Make an Effective Product Label Design

How to Make an Effective Product Label Design

There’s a lot of competition out there on the shelves, which is why a product’s label design is so crucial. There are various techniques that you can utilize to get noticed by consumers. Regardless of your industry, follow our guide on how to make an effective product label design.  

Less is More 

When it comes to many things, it’s important to remember that less is more. To have an effective product label design, try to keep it as simple as possible. Not only does a simple design create a more modern look, but it will make it more appealing to look at as well.  

Find the Right Font 

Another part of an effective product label design is using the right font. With thousands of fonts out there, you will want to find one that is simple to read, unique, and consistent with your brand. The font of a label is one of the biggest design decisions you will have to make, so it deserves ample thought.  

Display Important Information 

It’s also crucial for your product label to have the most pertinent information. These can be selling points and health information. Choose an appropriate size for the label as well, so it can be easy to read for consumers.  

Use Color Wisely 

A final part of how to make an effective product label design is to use color in a smart way. Don’t just use a color that you think looks nice; use it to your advantage. There’s a lot of psychology that inherently comes with color, so do your research and find what colors work best for your industry. 


There are a few things you will need to create an effective product label design. If you are in need of custom or color circle labels, then consider Chromalabel’s vast selection of quality products.  


Update from April 2021

It's easy to create labels for your product with Chromalabel's customizable labels. The shape, color, size and texture is up to you! Sometimes a simple label is the easiest to remember. We will be happy to answer any questions for you or to help you decide which product is the best for you. 

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