Medical Screening Stickers

For medical screening in hospitals, doctor's offices or other medical facilities, color coding dot stickers are often used. This can be to screen patients and visitors entering, for the staff, or for triage. 


What size should I get? 

We've found that 3/4" dots are the most popular for medical screening. They're big enough to be clearly seen, but small enough that they don't take up too much space. 


Contrasting Colors 


colored dot sheets

Your medical facility may already have a color code system in place. We recommend picking contrasting colors so it is easy to differentiate what each color represents. Luckily, ChromaLabel has tons of bright colors to choose from!



Permanent or removable?

Depending on what they're being used for, either can work! Removable dots will work best if they need to be stuck on a plastic ID card. Both removable and permanent dots work great if they are being put on clothing. However, there is a chance that permanent will stick better on clothing if they need to be there all day long. 


In-House Design and Printing 

If you're planning on in-house design and printing, there's a few things you'll want to consider. If you're coding by color only, you want the colors to be really bright and bold to clearly differentiate! If you are printing some kind of text, such as the days of the week on the sticker, the type should be big enough that it can be easily read from across the room. It's usually easiest to color code by color alone! If the colors are bright, you shouldn't need any type at all.  


Dispenser Box 


colored dot dispenser box


 Dots are available on both sheets and in dispenser boxes. The truth is...both work great. But we love the dispenser box. It's easy to hold and just pull the tab with stickers. It's won't get lost under other papers or files like sheets can. Dots also come in useful for patient screening and triage.





Also check out Customized Labeling with Color Coding Tape for other medical facility use. 

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