Signs You Need A Logo Redesign

Signs You Need A Logo Redesign

It’s commonplace to see businesses undergo a logo redesign. A logo redesign for your business can be a refreshing change for your employees and consumers. Here are some signs you need a logo redesign.

  1. Your Logo Is Complex

Today, the majority of successful businesses go with a simplistic logo that is easy to recognize. McDonald’s, Starbucks, Apple, Amazon, and others all have logos with not a whole lot going on. This is a strategy your company should be taking on as well. Less is more, and far more effective and appealing to look at in the consumer’s eyes.

  1. You Designed the Logo Yourself

When you first started your business, you might have had to create a logo on your own to get it off the ground. Now that you have a few years under your belt, it’s worth investing in a professional to redesign your company’s look.

  1. You’ve Never Updated Your Logo

Companies change their logos all the time to fit with a modern aesthetic. While retro might be trendy right now, this doesn’t mean you should stick with your old logo. If you haven’t updated your logo in 10 years, you should probably get with the times.

  1. Your Company Has Rebranded

Business practices also change over time, and you will typically see companies overhaul their look due to this. If your company has rebranded recently, your old logo probably doesn’t represent what your company currently does. This is a major sign you need a logo redesign. There’s no better way to redefine your business to customers than to redesign your logo.

  1. Your Logo Lacks Effective Colors

A company’s logo is far more than just something that looks pleasing to the eye. A logo also needs to send a message and tell a story. The best way to achieve this is by utilizing effective colors that align with your practices. For example, many food companies will use red in their logo to tantalize your taste buds.

Once you do decide on a logo redesign, your business will also need to place it on your products. Chromalabel offers custom labels for all different kinds of shapes, as well as colored adhesive tape, dots, labels, and more.


Update from April 2021

Simple and memorable logos can be the most effective that will immediately associate people with your brand. If you designed your company logo yourself, you may want to have a professional take a look. You may not need an entire logo change, but a simple edit may be beneficial. 


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