Tips for Setting Up a Window Display

Tips for Setting Up a Window Display

A window display is incredibly important in the retail industry because it’s the first thing a customer will see when passing by, so you really have to nail it. To give customers a great first impression and get them to walk into your store, there are a few things you will need to know. Follow some of our tips for setting up a window display ahead.

Stand out With Colors

The first way you can grab the attention of customers with your display is to use bold colors. Many people don’t realize how much of an effect color can have on you because it all happens subconsciously. Take this opportunity to be creative with your window display by using different colors and shapes. If you need color, Chromalabel has everything from removable colored tape to labels.

Tell a Story

Aside from using color, you will also want to tell a story with your window display too. The best way to go about this is to start with a theme like a holiday and run with it. As you are telling a story with your display, you will also want to avoid any clichés that are commonly associated with a certain holiday. You don’t want your window display to just look like an advertisement; you want to grab attention, and by creating a story, you can do that.

Avoid Clutter

As is often the case, less is more, and the same goes for your window display. While we understand that you want to display as many of your products as possible, doing so may make items look cheap. To avoid any clutter, limit the number of items you showcase so your display can be more effective.

Update Regularly

To keep it fresh, you’ll also want to update your window display regularly. Not only will you want to change it up because of the season, but you will also want to put the spotlight on different products. A good rule of thumb is to try and change up your wall display at least every month.

Grab Attention With Lighting

Speaking of the spotlight, our final tip for setting up a window display is to use lighting to your advantage. In addition to color, you should use lighting to grab the attention of the customer as well as to make your product look its best. Good lighting will also give you the upper hand at night, even after you close.


Update from April 2021

Color coded stickers can be useful to mark price tags regarding sales or the percentage discounted during a sale. Keeping things organized and color coordinated makes it easier for the employees and easier for the shoppers! 


Color-code organization

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