colored circle stickers

colored circle stickers

When it comes to marketing, most people think of the big picture. Social media ads, pay-per-click campaigns, and billboards can do a lot in terms of exposure, but there's an unsung hero that many businesses are not taking advantage of... stickers. Although most people picture stickers in their most basic form (such as colored circle stickers for library organization or color-coding stickers for in-store sales), they have a far-reaching impact that few put to work. Let's take a look at some of the ways stickers can help your marketing campaign.

  • Push brand image: Branding is everything these days. Since color can increase brand recognition by 80%, stickers can help you expand your reach by placing your logo on the backs of cars, bulletin boards, lamp posts, and on consumer packaging. When it comes to making a statement on a small scale (but one that has a resounding impact), stickers are experts.
  • Give information: Stickers can communicate beyond the brand message. Provided your logo is present, you can clearly advertise important sales information about a product you're trying to sell. Promotional material is ideal for the sticker platform as it is easily circulated.
  • Event awareness: There are many events -- from trade shows to concerts -- that your business might want to be to reach out to their demographic. When you hand out free stickers, you're giving that demographic something concrete to hold onto and remind them of your existence; this can easily get people talking about your business as everyone loves free stuff!
  • Long-term use: Colored circle stickers can only get you so far in business. If you want to be remembered (and to expand your company's range), you'll need stickers that can withstand the elements. When you invest in such quality, you can rest assured that your brand will be visible come hell or high water.

While colored stickers and assorted color coding labels certainly have their role in business, logo stickers go above and beyond the call of duty. If you're able to translate your company's logo into a simple sticker, there's nowhere you can't go; car bumpers, telephone poles, and cellphone cases the world over will be sporting your logo with style.


Update from April 2021

If you think personalized stickers is the way for you to go, Chromlabel can easily customize labels for you. Getting your brand out there is important, and if it's on a sticker, the possibilities of where it can go are endless! These labels can go on flyers, postcards, or packages being mailed out. They can also be used in store on receipts or shopping bags. 


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