Using Tapes and Stickers to Streamline your Shipping Process


tamper evident security tape used for shipping box and manilla envelope

With summer in full swing and holiday season just a few months away, your customers have started planning for their big purchases. And most of them prefer to do online shopping because of the convenience that comes with it. This explains why 65 billion parcels were shipped worldwide in 2016.

All this means you should have your logistics and tracking processes in place to ensure that your customers' orders are delivered to them safely and on time. One way to ensure that is to use colored stickers to deter miscreants from opening a package.

Many kinds of tapes are available today to protect your package, and out of this multitude of options, tamper-evident tape is your best bet.

What Is Tamper Evident Tape?

Tamper evident tape is an adhesive label tape that reduces the likelihood of tampering. It comes with a dimension of about 1-3/8” X 480” that is just right for any kind and size of the package. This heavy-duty colored adhesive tape protects the contents of your package in the best way possible. It is designed in such a way that once the tape is broken, it cannot be used to seal the package again.

This colored tape acts as a big deterrent for individuals to open the contents of any package, and even if they do, it is sure to tell you that someone has tampered with it. In fact, if the tape is visibly broken, customers can return the package to you, and it is up to you to take the necessary action to get to the bottom of this tampering.

As a business owner, this tamper-evident tape protects you from returning money to your customers, because after all, you have done your best to safeguard the contents of the package.

Colored Stickers

Besides this tape, consider using colored stickers to better manage your logistics schedule. For example, you can choose a particular color for a specific region like the Midwest or West Coast, depending on the reach of your business. These colored stickers can also be used to indicate other attributes such as the category of product, shipment priority, and more. It is totally up to your imagination and skills to put these stickers to the best possible use to streamline your shipping process.


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