rolls of color coding tape

There's hundreds of different uses for colored adhesive tape. Office, retails, home, packing, moving, organizing, education, medical, and the list goes on. 

Whatever your reason for needing adhesive label tape, you want a tape that is strong enough to hold up to what you need it for and also easy to use. 


colored tape


Colorful: One of the biggest uses of color coding tape is…..yep, color coding. So bright and bold colors come in really handy here. You can order a kit of different colors, or order a bunch of rolls in your favorite color.

Tape of all Sizes: From 1/2 inch to 3 inches, we’ve got you covered. Depending on your project, you might need extra thin or thick tape, and luckily, we make it all.  

Removable: It can be easily removed from nonporous surfaces, without fear of it leaving a sticky residue behind. It’s also repositionable. If you put it in place and need to adjust, it will peel up and allow for adjusting.

Strength: Made of plasticized paper. This is stronger than masking tape. 

Easy to write on: Sharpies work best, and it won’t bleed through or smear.


Want to know more? Check out How Color Coding Tape Can Help Your Business.

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