• DIY Book Binding Repair Kit
  • DIY Book Binding Repair Kit

DIY Book Binding Repair Kit


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Quick Product Facts

Why Bookguard™ Cloth Tape?:

Because you'll never need another binding tape for repairing books. Bookguard™ tape is a premium and archival quality adhesive tape - use it for fixing your most treasured books or when you need the best that money can buy.

It's durable, highly conformable, professional looking, ultra aggressive, sticks to the toughest surfaces (including vinyl) and wont fade or crack over time.

1. It protects books longer, because it has a high resistance to scuffs and abrasion due to its thickness (it's a hefty 13-mils thick; masking tapes tend to be around 5 mils thick).

2. It has superior binding strength, because it's made of quality, vinyl-coated cotton that has 45 lbs per inch tensile strength (you'll see the high thread count of the material when you cut a piece with scissors).

3. Its high conformability enables it to easily wrap around corners and curves, while not cracking or becoming brittle over time (you'll see this happen in lower quality binding tapes. I personally shudder in church every time I see that messy duct tape cracking and peeling off the book spine it tried to fix).

4. Its archival quality means it permanently sticks, and wont fade or yellow over time (the pressure-sensitive adhesive is ph neutral and acid free).

5. It looks sharp and professional. The non-reflective matte color doesn't lose its vibrancy over time, because the color is impregnated into the cloth material.



How to Use the BookGuard Book Repair Kit

You may be thinking: "This book repair kit might be the best thing since sliced bread, but how am I supposed to use it effectively without some helpful tips and tricks?"

That's a great question! Never fear, we have you covered! Our Master Wordsmith, Patrick, has carefully crafted an astute blog post for those of you wishing to increase your status to Book Repair Specialist. 

Trust me, it's a good read and it even comes with a downloadable step-by-step guide. Go ahead, check it out

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