• 1,000 Striped Stickers per Dispenser Box
  • Red Striped Labels Dispensing
  • Color-Coding Dot Labels
  • Ruby Red Striped Stickers in Dispenser Box
  • Emerald Green Striped Round Labels
  • Color-Coding Dot Labels
  • Color-Coding Dot Labels
  • Color-Coding Dot Labels

1/2" Striped, Color-Code Dots

Available for Special Order

Quick Product Facts

    •     - 1,000 dots in each easy-to-use dispenser box
    •     - Dots have a 0.5 inch diameter (12.7mm/ 1.27cm)
    •     - Ideal for sorting, inventory control, art projects, retail sales etc
    •     - Backed with permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive
    •     - Paper label with good writability



Our customers are finding endless uses for these lovely stickers! A comprehensive list of applications for these round labels has never been compiled, as we're always hearing about more.

Real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, logistics and food service are a handful of industries that can never seem to quench their thirst for the little round labels.

One example is a California hospital placing a dot on each employee's name tag to show that that person had received a specific vaccination. Another example is the shipping guy at a local company across the alley who likes to anonymously stick dots on the keyboards of folks in the sale department. Yet another example is a chemist that color codes his eppendorf tubes.

Inventory control solutions, production handling, manila file sorting, garage sales, identifying groups of people at conventions and product identification are a few sticky applications that come to mind; but the list never really ends.

Are they shiny paper?

All of our Standard, Specialty, and eaRth Tone dots are manufactured from a high-quality paper material that has a semi-gloss finish. They are great for marking with felt-tipped markers and most pens.

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