SKU: CAL05225

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The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
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The Perfect Inventory Manager's Bundle
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SKU: CAL05225

Kit contains:


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Product Description:

We've collected the stuff the best inventory managers in North America use. We can help you get real-time visual inventory clarity - Inventory gaps are leading to poor customer service, and you're stressed about supply chain issues.  Let's help you solve it.  Ready?

We've been working with Supply Chain Managers and VP's of Inventory for the last 40+ years - we have your back and can't wait to earn your trust. 

You're going to finally have peace of mind knowing that your inventory counts are accurate, and communicated across your entire team. Feel 100% in control of the suppliers and the parts that you are bringing in to your business - finally!


Half Sheet Printable Shipping Labels (CAL03809)

50 sheets per pack, 100 total 8.5” x 5.5” labels

Double Layer Action Labels "Hold/Released" (CAL04529)

Top layer says “Hold,” Peel off to reveal “Released” with “Date” and “By” markings - top layer can’t be replaced. 1” x 1.5”, total quantity 250 per dispenser box

Quality Control Labels "Inspected By" (CAL04055)

1” x 2.5” Fl. Green Labels - 250 per dispenser box

3/4" Arrow Labels - Fl. Red (CAL02475)

1,000 permanent 3/4” dots per dispenser box

3/4" White Color Code Labeling Tape (CAL00624)

30 yards of removable tape - perfect for writing, bundling, etc.

3/4” Color-Code Dots - 3 Colors (CAL03847)

1 roll ea. of Red, Yellow, Green - 1,000 per roll

1” Color-Code Dots - 3 Colors (CAL03854)

1 roll ea. of Red, Yellow, Green - 1,000 per roll

2” Color-Code Dots - 3 Colors (CAL00390)

1 roll ea. of Red, Yellow, Green - 1,000 per roll

1” Year Permanent Labels (CAL04801) 

1 pack ea. of 4 current years - 500 per pack

1" Day of Week Labels (CAL04536)

420 total per pack - 60 of each day of week


Make tracking inventory effortless

Identify about-to-expire items instantly

Speed up order fulfillment accuracy

Reduce waste, cut costs, improve your performance

What's it made of?

These labels are vivid, easy to see, and with bright colors, everyone on your team will 100% be on the same page - for the first time!

Double-Layer Action Labels are removable, all others are permanent.

Fluorescent colors have a Matte Finish

Primary / Standard colors have a semi-gloss finish

What You Need to Know:

Various Sizes


Multiple Primary & Fluorescent


On rolls, in Sheets, in Dispenser Boxes
Double-Layer Action Labels & Tape are removable, all others are permanent.
Paper w/ Semi-Gloss or Matte Finish (See Description Tab)

Colors Lie.

Each computer monitor renders colors a little bit differently. 

How do you know that what you're seeing on your screen is completely accurate? 

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Since 1976, we've helped thousands bring color-coding exceptionalism to their business. We know too well that "one size fits all" just doesn't cut it in today's world. Our customers demand better. And we deliver better - better quality, better customer service, and small-town ethics that is rare to find today.  That's our promise every day!

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