Our 5 Best Products for Office Organization:

There’s a variety of ways to use our office labels. Use workplace stickers to mark your cabinet drawers, file folders, purchase orders, inventory reports, accounting documents, presentation cases, and records storage—to name just a few. File stickers make it easy for you and your fellow employees to find the documents you’re looking for. With our individual office dot sticker packs, assorted collections of colors, imprinted labels, and removable options, you can start organizing with color. 

With 288 labels per pack, and 24 labels of each month, these are going to streamline your inventory, processing of invoices, management of orders, and so much more!

These are bright, bold, and clearly visible from a distance, since they are 1.5" in size, with clearly distinguishable colors. Backed with a permanent adhesive so they won't fall off!

See both of our variety packs with different colors....


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Inventory solutions, production handling, file sorting, garage sales, and product identification are a few more sticky applications that come to mind; but the list never really ends.

These are backed with a permanent adhesive, and we offer 38 distinct, bright colors, so you'll never run out of categorization and inventory options.

They also come in a handy dispenser box for easy 1-hand use.



Blank DIY Printable Labels for Inkjet / Laser

Print your own custom message on top-quality printable label stickers from Chromalabel! Designed specifically for laser and inkjet printers, these printable labels come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes to meet your specific application’s requirements. The clear printable labels stay flat, don't bleed ink, have permanent adhesive and work very well in commercial printing machines as well as desktop printers.

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Sometimes you need really sticky labels.  Sometimes you need less. In those situations, we have these 3/4" removable labels that cleanly remove from paper, plastic, glass, wood, metal, and most other elements known!

Offices use these on all sorts of occasions where changes in condition or status requires the removal of a color and replacing it with another! 

Available in 17 colors today!


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