Veteran's Guide to Perfect Target Shooting with ChromaLabel's Dots

DECEMBER 12, 2023


From the Mailbag....

Greg from western North Carolina recently send us a nice email about his shooting pastime and how grateful he was to find us. He even sent in some amazing pictures!

Below is a summary of what he is using and how he is using them! 

Thanks Greg!

Greg uses our vibrant labels to provide a visual center for his target practice - and they last!

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"In my journey of finding the perfect accessories for my target shooting hobby, I stumbled upon, a site that quickly became a favorite of mine. As a veteran, I have a keen eye for quality and precision, both of which are evident in ChromaLabel's products.

Their collection is impressive, especially when it comes to the diverse range of labels that fit perfectly with my target shooting setup. What I particularly appreciate is their variety of sticky target centers. 
These labels are not just versatile, they are exceptionally user-friendly. They stick effortlessly, making the process of target preparation as smooth as possible.

For my varied shooting activities – from high-powered rifles to airsoft guns – I use Chromalabel's labels to add clarity and organization to my targets. I've adopted a color-coding system that works wonders: baby blue labels for my high-powered rifle targets, bright yellow for pistol targets, and a lively green for airsoft and CO2 pellet gun targets. This system doesn't just add a splash of color to the targets; it brings a level of organization that enhances my shooting experience.
The standout feature of ChromaLabel's products is their quality. Their labels endure the outdoors and the rigors of target shooting, remaining firmly in place and visible even after repeated use.This durability is something I deeply value, especially as a 73-year-old who takes pride in maintaining sharp shooting skills.

Target shooting, for me, is more than a hobby; it's a discipline that keeps my senses honed and my passion for precision alive. Every "DING" from a well-placed shot is a testament to skill, precision, and the right equipment – and ChromaLabel's labels are a significant part of that equation."

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