How to Streamline Inventory with Large Color-Code Dot Labels

OCTOBER 31, 2023


How are you organizing your inventory / shipments?

Barcodes, QR codes, and RFID all provide rapid results, but how visual are these? Can you tell which box has what items from 10 feet, 5 feet, heck, even 2 feet away? Are you spending more time scanning than you are moving items?  We have the solution:

Add ChromaLabel's big, vibrant, color-code dots to your system.  

Here are two professionals from different industries, at opposite ends of the country, who are utilizing ChromaLabel to make their workflow faster, easier, and less problematic:  

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Riley at Worthington Industries knows the importance of getting things done quickly, and correctly.  He's implemented ChromaLabel's dots to his inventory management system and loves the results:

""We are using your 2” permanent dots for inventory control on our finished good pallets as well as component inventory.  These have been very helpful in our lean and continuous improvement initiatives to be able to assess the status of an area from 5 feet in 5 seconds. It’s all been helpful for our forklift drivers to identify which product to pull first without having to get off their lifts."

Do you think your facility could use a boost in productivity, and a little less hassle?

Oh but there's more...

Alyssa works in the Curriculum Department for the Vista Unified School District in California. Boxes upon boxes of curriculum sheets, workbooks, paperbacks, and more are moving through their offices weekly.  

They all arrive with a paper label that gives the grade level, and a barcode that explains exactly what's in it.  But even from a few feet away, you can't easily tell which boxes are a specific level and subject.

"I used the labels to color code our district curriculum from a company that assigned grades specific colors. "


- Our big 3" dots means she can also write the subject right on the dot. Instant visuals!

- the rolls dispense right from the shelf - one color for each grade level!

- We have tons of colors - so she easily found colors that matched her other vendor!

  • These are what Alyssa uses!


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Think about how much time Alyssa is saving each day by not having to hunt for the right boxes - and she can easily communicate with other staff things like "the orange box".  Simple!

And for Worthington Industries, the forklift operators can stay on the lifts, reducing fatigue, increasing accuracy, and hitting their "5 ft. in 5 seconds" goals!
Are you ready to save time & get more accurate?  We'll help you develop a system that works.  Let's get started:

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